Walk for Nepal

The Idea

Walk for Nepal is a common platform for organizing walkathons in cities worldwide to mobilize individuals and organizations interested in the development of Nepal. It aims to tap the collective potential of the fast growing population of Nepalis in the US and around the world to make meaningful contributions to Nepal. Registered walkers can sponsor themselves and ask their friends and families to sponsor them. The donors can choose exactly which of the various participating organizations they want to contribute to. They may also choose to contribute to the Walk for Nepal fund, which is distributed to participating charities through on-line voting. All participating NGOs and individuals are welcome to raise funds through Walk for Nepal for their causes or for Walk for Nepal - listed projects. We ask that the NGOs share at least 20% of the funds they raise with the Walk for Nepal fund. This fund will be channeled to social causes and youth-led social innovations in Nepal. Through sharing, each NGO recognizes that, in addition to their own, there are many worthy causes in Nepal that need everyone's support. Moreover, through the Walk for Nepal journey, the NGOs will share ideas and collaborate, thus helping each other grow through a multiplier effect.

Nepal ko Yuwa

Nepal ko Yuwa is implementing Walk for Nepal with help from many US and Nepal-based social-work organizations, youth groups and individuals. Nepal ko Yuwa is a global Nepali youth movement striving to make a positive impact towards individual and societal growth. It comprises Nepali youth that synergize to build on their energy and excitement, think together, and foster each other's initiatives. The primary aims of Nepal ko Yuwa are to foster positive and progressive attitudes towards Nepal, to promote opportunities for individual growth and entrepreneurship and to facilitate socio-political engagement.

Association of Youth Organizations Nepal (AYON)

Association of Youth Organizations Nepal (AYON) is a national network of 86 youth-led organizations in Nepal. It aims to bring youth organizations together to provide a common platform for collaboration, cooperation, joint actions and collective endeavors between youth organizations in Nepal.


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Walk for Nepal Dallas 2018

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Walk for Nepal Boston 2014 launched in Boston

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