Dallas 2015

  • Nov 15, 2015

Date:            Nov 15, 2015; Sunday

Time:           12 PM - 6 PM

Location:     River Legacy Park, Arlington 

Address:      701 NW Green Oaks Blvd, Arlington, TX 76006                        





Walk for Nepal 2015 Newsletter

Walk for Nepal Dallas 2015 Partner Organizations

Global Community for Education

The Global Community for Education (a 501 c (3) registered organization in good standing with the IRS) has been building and supporting schools in Dhading District for over ten years. GCE built their first two schools in an area of Khari VDC where no schools existed. They have built 4 schools in total and have provided substantial support to two others along with scholarships opportunities to students. GCE has had a substantial impact on the children and communities they serve. Click the link to read GCE’s 10 Years of Impact Report -http://www.globalcommunityforeducation.org/assets/GCE-10-Year-Impact

Following the devastating earthquakes of this year, GCE mobilized their resources to provide emergency supplies – GCE was the only responder in the first 30 days. They built “Temporary Learning Centers” for GCE schools as well as other Dhading area schools that sought assistance. They are focused on getting their children back into proper classrooms. One of the biggest challenges GCE faces currently is to rebuild and expand their first school, The Devisthan Primary School, which was complete destroyed. GEC is partnering with Walk for Nepal - Dallas in the reconstruction and expansion of The Devisthan Primary School. To view the proposed proposal, please click on - http://walkfornepal.org/images/ngos/Global-Community-for-Education.pdf

Hamro Chahana Nepal

Hamro Chahana Nepal (HCN), a registered non-profit community organization, in Kathmandu, Nepal that has been serving the marginalized and underprivileged people, especially women and children. They work in the rural communities of Palpa, Bhojpur, and Dolakha by promoting better education and health as well as generating environmentally sustainable income. To learn more about HCN’s involvement in the rural areas of Nepal, please visit: http://hamrochahananepal.org.np/

With partnership with Walk for Nepal - Dallas team, HCN plans to rebuild one secondary school in Bigu VDC of Dolakha district and make it operational for students to pursue studies uninterruptedly. Prior to the earthquake, there were 3 primary and 1 secondary level schools in Bigu VDC. The earthquake in April 2015 destroyed all the schools leaving only rubbles in one of the most remote VDCs of Nepal. HCN team believes that a set-up of permanent learning spaces for the children is a great need. It is crucial for children to continue studying and establish a learning place again before they start migrating, drop out of school, and/or become the victims of human trafficking. To view the proposed proposal, please click on - http://walkfornepal.org/images/ngos/Hamro-Chahana-Nepal.pdf

House with Heart

House with Heart (HwH), formerly Ghar Sita Mutu, is: a) a home for abandoned children, b) an education center for impoverished women and children, and c) an outreach program for needy families in Kathmandu, Nepal. House with Heart is a registered 501 c (3) charitable organization. They have been operating in Nepal for the past 15 years. Beverly Bronson is the founder of HwH and serves as its President and CEO. She oversees a staff of 17 in Nepal and a number of volunteers in the US. To learn more about HwH, please visit - http://www.housewithheart.org/

House with Heart (HwH) is partnering with Walk for Nepal - Dallas for their School Rebuilding Project to fund the reconstruction of schools damaged or destroyed in the 2015 earthquake in order to get as many children back to school as quickly as possible. This program was instituted to broaden the scope of their community impact as part of our earthquake recovery plan. They have committed to rebuilding three schools so far, and plan to raise more funds to rebuild others. Two of the construction projects (serving a total of 1,650 students) have been completed. They are seeking funding from Walk for Nepal for the third project, which is to rebuild the main building of the Tarkeshori Lower Secondary School in Simle, Ramechap that served 85 children in a remote village before it was destroyed in the earthquake. To view the proposed proposal, please click on - http://walkfornepal.org/images/ngos/House-with-Heart.pdf

To register as a walker, please go to - http://walkfornepal.org/register/dallas-2015.html

To sponsor a walker, please go to - http://walkfornepal.org/sponsor/dallas-2015.html

To learn more about the walk, please go to - http://www.walkfornepal.org/



S.No. Partner NGO No of Walkers Registration fee(No of Walkers X $ ) Additional Donation No of Sponsors Sponsored Total Total
1 Global Community for Education - Rebuilding Devisthan Primary School (Khari, Dhading) 23   View Walkers $ 345 $ 166 17   View Sponsors $ 726 $ 1237
2 Hamro Chahana Nepal - Rebuilding Gauri Shankar Secondary School (Bigu, Dolakha) 8   View Walkers $ 120 $ 85 31   View Sponsors $ 1486 $ 1691
3 House with Heart - Rebuilding Tarkeshori Lower Secondary School (Simle, Ramechap) 8   View Walkers $ 120 $ 15 91   View Sponsors $ 3753 $ 3888
4 Total 39 $ 585 $ 266 139 $ 5965 $ 6816


  • Cusal Pokharel $ 1246.00

  • Nilima Shrestha $ 1186.00

  • Suman Kaji $ 1136.00

  • Bonita Sharma $ 616.00

  • Pranav Sharma $ 500.00


  • Hemanta Sharma$ 500

  • abinaya khatry$ 300

  • Eric Schwarz$ 250

  • Bibek Bhattarai$ 200

  • niroj pant$ 200

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