In light of the growing population of Nepalis in the US and around the world, the potential for the Nepali diaspora committing to meaningful contributions to Nepal is increasing.  Nepali diaspora now comprise of students, academics, professionals, and a variety of blue- and white-collar workers. Many have outreach to the non-Nepali communities in universities, industries, development agencies, and other organizations. The earning capacity and network of the diaspora has grown.  Over time, the collective earning capacity will reach a substantial level.  Planting the seed of civic collaboration and practical philanthropy for Nepal now can result in a sustained and substantial impact over time.

Raising money is very important for social organizations to continue their projects in Nepal. ‘Walk for Nepal’ will be organized as a series of fund raising events in major cities of the world for social organizations and their projects in Nepal. In the process, people will learn more about Nepal, and will get the opportunity to be involved in sweat and spirit for positive social change.

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Walk for Nepal Dallas 2018

  • Oct 14, 2019

Walk for Nepal Dallas 2018

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Walk for Nepal Boston 2014 launched

  • Jun 29, 2014

Walk for Nepal Boston 2014 launched in Boston

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